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About Us

Company Background

Comand Center, Inc. formed in 2014 by Mitch Bechtel and Gary Braunscheidel, as a result of an overwhelming demand and continued requests for proposals in our consulting practice for a software solution that bridges the gap between project management, time tracking, client collaboration, invoicing, and accounting. Customers continually request this functionality, however cannot afford the solution at the price point required for a custom solution.

Our business, located in the Allentown District of Buffalo, NY, is comprised of six team members and our plan is to grow to almost 100 in five (5) years. The management team will be made up of Mitch Bechtel, owner and Chief Technology Officer and Gary Braunscheidel, President and Chief Executive Officer.




Meet Our Leadership Team

Mitch Bechtel, CTO

Mitch Bechtel


Master programmer with over 20 years experience in software and business development. Mitch claims he would go camping if he had the time.

Cathy Burley, IT Architect

Cathy Burley

IT Architect

Programming aficionado who also loves traveling to new places, enjoying great food, and spending time with family.

Gary Braunscheidel, President & CEO

Gary Braunscheidel

President & CEO

Technology enthusiast who loves his family, photography, and everything outdoors.

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