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Comand Center | Features of Comand Center
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With Comand Center, you’ve got the tool you need to crank out hard work that positively impacts your business’ bottom line.  The suite of capabilities inside Comand Center makes it effortless to accomplish so many tasks that, in the past, would sap efficiency.  Instead of working harder on reporting progress and endless status meetings, employees can word hard on delivering results that move the needle. Comand Center will make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Project Management

Manage Projects Efficiently

Manage projects seamlessly whether your team is spread across one office or ten! Comand Center allows you to manage projects and tasks in one simple and intuitive interface.

  • See upcoming projects at a glance and never miss an important milestone
  • See project timelines laid out in a simple gantt chart
  • Quickly and easily add tasks and deadlines for team members
  • See project summary and status at a glance
Time Tracking

Track Time Quickly and Easily

Easily track time in your Time Log. Comand Center allows you to log time directly from projects and approve employee’s timesheets in a snap.

  • See upcoming tasks immediately upon login
  • Quickly and easily log time for tasks
  • Seamlessly view hours worked vs estimated hours for projects and tasks
  • Approving all time sheets individually, or with just one click


Collaborate with coworkers and clients alike on projects, files, and more! Comand Center allows you to aggregate all aspects of a project into one dashboard accessible and editable by whomever you choose.

  • Upload multiple files with ease
  • Associate files directly with projects or tasks
  • Allow clients to log in to comment on tasks or view progress
  • Aggregate email threads directly into your Comand Center account

Invoice Accurately

Effortlessly create invoices by automatically importing logged time and recurring charges. Send them to clients directly from your dashboard or print them out if you prefer the old fashioned way.

  • Quickly and accurately pull time sheets into invoices
  • Email, PDF, or print invoices for clients
  • Invoice for recurring items such as subscriptions
  • Apply payments and discounts in a snap

Streamlined Accounting

Accounting is made simple. Comand Center allows you to follow best practice accounting principals without having an accountant at your side. You can manage all aspects of your business quickly and easily with automatic invoicing, interactive reporting, accounts payable system for bills and receipts, A/R Aging, and much more. Oh, and did we mention that Comand Center is integrated with Quickbooks allowing you to leverage your investment to its fullest?

  • Managing your clients and vendors becomes becomes simple and easy
  • Create and maintain a chart of accounts without complexity
  • Standard reporting such as balance sheet, income statement, A/R, and A/P aging
  • Easily reconcile your bank statements and credit cards
  • Quickly and easily connect Comand Center to your existing Quickbooks account