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Comand Center | Video Demonstrations
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Video Demonstrations

This set of videos provide a general overview of the product covering all aspects, and features.  By using our demonstration system, we walk you through several examples of each function to give you an understanding of how it could be used for your business.

Comand Center overview

This video demonstration provides a high level overview of Comand Center and how it could help your company streamline its operation, save money, and maximize revenue. The other tabs on this page walk you through many other aspects of the software to help with setup and see other “how to” type scenarios.

With this set of videos, we show you how to set up your comand center for use in your business.  We cover the steps you should take at the very start to help you get up and running quickly.

Client and Vendor Setup


The following video provides necessary information to set up your Comand Center with clients and vendors.  Clients (aka customers) can have many attributes, contacts, email addresses, and recurring billing items.  Vendors, are very much the same except you set up recurring bills, or expenses you incur on a periodic basis.

Groups, Users, Employees, and Settings


The following video provides necessary information to set up your groups, users, employees, and settings in Comand Center.

Accounting Setup


The following video provides necessary information to set up  Accounting in your Comand Center.  This includes setting up Chart of Accounts, Banks, Credit Cards, and a quick overview of reports such as Balance Sheet and Income Statement.

General Operations Setup

If you need to employees to account for all of their time for the day, you’ll need to setup a general operations project.  This project can hold all non-billable tasks which employees incur that need to be tracked.

Example 1 – Project, Time Entry, Expense, Invoicing

In this example we take you through a sample project setup which results in billable time and expense items which then need to be billed.  This example may represent the lions share of what many companies will be doing on a regular basis.

Example 2 – Paying Bills, Recurring Bills, AP Aging

In this example we take you through adding and paying vendor bills, setting up recurring bills for your vendors, and walk through the interactive Accounts Payable Aging report.

This set of videos provide more in-depth instruction on how to accomplish project management and time tracking tasks in comand center.  We go into more detail, and provide multiple ways to go about accomplishing day to day tasks which you will run into when using the software.

Project Setup

This video covers the basics of setting up a project in Comand Center.  It contains task creation, assigning contacts and tasks to individuals, providing estimates, overriding project roles, and the Task View.

Comand Center - Project Setup

Entering Time

Entering Time 

This video covers the different methods that company associates or others enter time in Comand Center.  Whether you track your team’s entire day, or just billable hours, Comand Center is fast and convenient which increases adoption and accuracy.

COMING SOON – Similar to the overview videos, except we use examples of how the legal industry would use our software and use specific examples related Injury Law, Criminal Defense, etc.

Collaboration is a key differentiator with our software and the following videos will provide you a good understanding of how comand center can be used to decrease the time you spend in meetings, writing emails, and writing status reports.


This video covers how collaboration can work with your company.  It walks through how to add a client as a user, and provide them access to information to help increase client satisfaction.

COMING SOON – When it comes down to it, invoicing and accounting are the most critical part of your business to get right.  Many software companies make these very complex and load you with stress.  We are here to simplify your life.  Watch the videos and see how simple and stress free the least fun part of your business can be.